What we offer


Tailored Solutions

With a long experience of working in the IT sector at we have all the skills and expertise needed to undertake your installation and set up needs, ranging from a simple requirement to set up a singel home computer to browse the web up to a fully networked and multi site office installation with servers, web sites, workstations, applications, remote working, cloud services and more. Just get in touch for an informal discussion.


Professional installation

Once we have agreed what work needs to be done everything is planned and broken down into suitable tasks. We will give you a full explanantion of the work required and the plan for completion which will include timescale and costs estimates. Our workmanship is done to a professional level and we will make sure you are satisfied with the work carried out.


Reliable and helpful support

Whether you have a one of problem to resolve or want a reliable ongoing support service we can give you the support you want. We provide support for:

Servers, workstations, laptops, tablets, smart devices, network security, wired and wirless networks, Microsoft applications, Apple, Linux, Android and iOS.

We will give you support tailored to your needs, be it an ad hoc one of request, on-going support, contracts, remote, onsite, on-call. Whatever you prefer, we will tailor it to your needs. Call and find out how we can help..

What we cover


Any computer

We are experienced with all versions of Microsoft Windows desktop and server. We alo cover Apple iMac workstations and Macbook laptops and Linux from multiple vendors including Red Hat, Suse, Ubuntu and many more. In addition we are also work with Apple and Android and Windows tablets and Smartphones.

System upgrades, software installs, hardware builds and upgrades. Network installation, cabling, security devices. Backup systems, printing, scanning. All IT related items are our bread and butter.

Hardware, Office and Productivity Apps, Networks, Internet, WiFi, Storage, Backups, Cloud services, Remote Working...

Do you need email for your office? Do you have enough storage space for data? Do you need remote access to the office or to link mutliple sites? Office applications or intranet and web servers? Business critical applications to be installed, confgured and maintained? Are you looking at using Cloud services or creating your own? Is your backup system working properly? For all your IT applications we can deliver, be it an upgrade, adding extra services, ensuring your critical systems are running moothly and knowing that they are backed up and protected.

Call for a chat about your needs


Support that best suits you

Our approach to support is simple: We will tailor it to suit you. From ad hoc queries to ongoing support and maintenance contracts we will put together a solution that you are happy with

All costs and prices will be explained upfront so that you know what to expect. Our general rates are £35 per hour plus materials however when we look at your requirements we will always work out the most cost effective solution and agree it with you beforehand.

All initial consultations are free of charge.